Kepler Academy offers full-time services for children between the ages of 16 weeks and 6 years.  With our Exploratory Education approach, your child will be given the necessary skills to advance in a number of critical areas.

At Kepler, we also like to celebrate a child’s accomplishments – as such, we’ve created a series of achievement badges presented to the children and their families as they master progressive developments.  Examples of some of our Badges are seen below.



noun | star • gaz • ers | age: 16 w to 18 m | a.k.a. infants

Stargazers are developing at a rapid pace in both mind and body. Full of wonderment from their surroundings, everything is an exciting new experience for them.

We are born with highly responsive senses to the people and environment around us. At Kepler Academy, much care and attention is directed at the infant after birth, with a specific focus on Social Interaction and Serve and Return functionality.

At the end of the Stargazer Journey, Kepler Kids will receive 3 main badges of accomplishment which include: Walking, Pincer Grip and Beginner Literacy



noun | ex • plor • ers | age: 18 m to 3-4 y | a.k.a. toddlers

Explorers are characterized by independence and growth. Constantly seeking the unknown through adventure, they are bursting with energy and new ideas.

At Kepler Academy, we know that Early Childhood experiences change our brains in a way that affects our health and future development. Our basic cognitive structure establishes the foundation for more complex developments as we grow. By Providing focused, positive experiences, we are building the architecture of the developing brain.

At the end of the Explorer Journey, Kepler Kids will receive at least 3 more badges: Self-Help, Potty Training, and Shapes.