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I am truly impressed with Kepler Academy Emerald Hills. Our son (4) joined from another newer child care facility in Sherwood Park. Since then, he has grown emotionally and intellectually. His listening improved, he started communicating his feelings and sharing actively and energetically about his day. We attribute these positive changes to the teachers, their control of the classroom, the scheduled learning, and focused independent attention he has been receiving. In addition, with the very healthy meal plan that is freshly cooked daily and offered to our son his willingness to try new foods has increased exponentially. I give them the highest recommendation.


In the 2 months my daughter has been attending Kepler Academy at Sun Life Place, her learning has excelled in numbers and letters as well as other fine motor skills. I am very pleased with the treatment she gets there and all staff, new old or temporary, have been wonderful.


My son has been attending Kepler for just over a year now and he leaves everyday happy and excited to return. The kids learn through play, engage in cooking class, yoga, and dance and are exposed to various cultures. Would highly recommend.


Our daughter attends the Westlink location and we could not be happier! They were so wonderful with helping us through the initial transition of starting daycare as well as the transition to an older class. The director and all the educators are so warm and welcoming of feedback. They even recently helped us with potty training. Our daughter’s communication, confidence and social skills are blossoming.


Our daughter was one of the first children enrolled at Sun Life Place when she was 12 months old. Trusting your child to anyone is incredibly challenging but we could not be happier with how much our daughter has flourished as a result of the environment, love, and care provided by the workers and teachers. Additionally, the Kepler team was always willing to work with us through any concerns that we had. Thank you for providing such wonderful care to our daughter, we are forever thankful!


My son has been going there for a couple of months and I can’t believe how many things he has been learning -- hands down best place for babies and toddlers in Edmonton. We have been with different Montessori centres before, but Kepler combines different learning methodologies best suited to each child. To top it all yoga, jujitsu and African drumming are best.


I cannot say enough amazing things about Sherwood Park Kepler Academy. Being a first-time mom, I had a hard time finding child care that I trusted. After visiting the first time I was in complete awe. Kepler is hands down the best care you will get in Sherwood Park.


My 1-year old son just finished his first month at Kepler College Plaza and I am so grateful that we found this academy to support us in this transition. There are so many positives to comment on: professional and prompt communication, spotless space, nutritious diverse menu including snacks and lunch, educational toys and creative props, a changing inter curricular program, private large outside space and a gross motor room for cold days. Both my partner and I are professors in a Faculty of Education where we spend our days thinking about relationships in education, learning environments, and creative teaching approaches. Professionally and personally, I give my highest recommendation to this team.


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