How do I enroll my Child(ren) into Kepler Academy?

Registration is easy!  A form can be found here and deposit may be paid here.  Your child is considered registered once a one-time fully refundable deposit has been paid.  Please feel free to contact us if you have any questions or would like to arrange for a tour prior to registration. 


Where are you located?

Our first location is now open at 16826 107Avenue, Edmonton, Alberta T5P 4C3.  Two more locations, College Plaza (University of Alberta) and Sun Life Place (Downtown Edmonton) will open in Summer 2018.


Can I add my unborn child to the waitlist? 

Yes, you can add your unborn child to the waitlist with the payment of a deposit.  Please note, your child will be added in priority sequence for your desired start date. 


Are meals served? What happens if my child(ren) don’t like what is being served? 

Yes, all meals are served as part of our meal plan.  Kepler Academy will serve a morning snack, Lunch, and afternoon snack. We follow the Canada Food Guide very closely and have enlisted a nationally recognized nutritionist  to cater our menu.  Please contact us if you have any concerns.
Typically, children will at least try what is offered.  They see their friends eating and tend to follow along.  We will work closely and communicate openly with parents to ensure your child is well nourished at all times.  If your child has dietary or religious restrictions, please ensure our staff is made aware. 


What Qualifications do the staff have?

All Staff at Kepler Academy are, at minimum, qualified in Early Childhood Education, First Aid, Fire Extinguisher Safety, and hold a "Brain Story Certificate" as granted by the Alberta Family Wellness Institute.  We ensure Alberta Standards are met and often exceeded.  

Kepler Academy also ensures staff go through regular training and development. 


What do I need to bring on my child’s first day?

Necessary items for all children include two complete sets of clothes, a pair of indoor, non-marking soled shoes, water bottle, and emergency medication, if applicable. Please label all items with your child's name.


How Much screen time will my child  receive?

Each child, from Explorers up and with an exception for the Stellar Program, will be allowed no more than seven minutes of screen time per day. This will be used for educational programming and activities only.



What ages of children do you accept?

Kepler Academy accepts Children from 16 weeks to 12 years.


What are your hours of operation?

Kepler Academy is open from 6:30am to 6:00pm Monday thru Friday, with the exception of STAT Holidays.


Is there a waitlist? If so, is there a wait list fee?

We have started a Waitlist for children that are looking to start at a later date, or for rooms that have reached capacity.  Please contact us directly for our most up-to-date Waitlist status. 

We do not have a separate Waitlist fee.  Instead, our fully refundable $500 deposit is used to ensure your child is placed in priority order. 


Do you accept subsidy?

Yes, we do. Please have all your information in place prior to commencing. 

Do you offer Part-time? Drop in? 

We currently do not offer part-time, with the exception of our Kindergarten Program and Out of School Program.  Please contact us for further information on our different Kindergarten options. 

We DO NOT offer Drop in Care. 


Do you provide transportation to and from school?

Yes, we provide Transportation to and from a number of surrounding schools from our Academies with the Stellar Program.  Please contact us for a specific list of current schools. 


Do you offer multi-child discounts? 

Yes, please contact the Center Director for the rates.


Do you accept children with Special Needs? 

Yes, currently we are able to accept Children with Special Needs. 


What are your fees?

Please call the centre for information regarding the fees.  There is a fee variance depending on the age of your child(ren) and number of children you enroll in our program. 


how academic is your program?

We implement an intentional mix of learning-through-play and an educational curriculum that encourages exploration and discovery. We invite you to visit our section on our Exploratory Education Approach