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Kepler Academy Brings three new Childcare options to Parents in Edmonton

Written by Raising Edmonton
November 16, 2017

"As a parent new to seeking childcare options for our preschool aged children, I’ve learned just how many options there are for childcare in Edmonton. I’ve also learned that not all of the local facilities are created equal and that there are certain aspects of programming that are on my ‘must have’ list. Innovative programs …"


Kepler Academy: Edmonton's newest Childcare Centre Opens!

Written by Edmomton
November 23, 2017

"Finding a daycare (let alone a quality, affordable, accessible one) can be a huge struggle for new parents in Edmonton. As a mom blogger … "

Explore the World with Kepler Academy

Written by Family Fun Edmonton
December 08, 2017

We are born with an innate sense of curiosity and a drive for exploration. As children develop, their fertile brains are rapidly growing, discovering, and make new connections...