Test Post #1


We are all born explorers.  As children, we are constantly discovering our environment through play, new experiences, and serve and return interactions.  At Kepler Academy, we strive to foster this sense of discovery with a rich learning experience.  Our highly qualified staff are trained specifically in early childhood development and ensure Kepler Kids are provided with the skills necessary to excel in their academics, communication, social, and life skills. 


The name Kepler is synonymous with discovery.  From the Kepler Telescope NASA uses to discover distant planets to the namesake Johannes Kepler, who discovered the laws of planetary motion – “Kepler” means big things.  At Kepler Academy, we use the same ambitious approach for childhood education.  We want children to reach for the stars, discover new heights and to become pioneers.  All elements of our process are purposefully designed to provide children with the skills needed for a head start in life.  From our enriched curriculum, to the staff that we hire, to the nutritional food we serve, everything has been planned with a dynamic and continuous interaction between biology and experience. 


At Kepler Academy, we achieve excellence through our rigorously researched and scientifically backed Exploratory Education approach. Our goal is to create a safe, nurturing, and welcoming environment that serves as a home away from home. 

Ali Reza