Test Post #3

Our Exploratory Education approach focuses on an intentional mix of learning-through-play and an educational curriculum that promotes exploration and discovery.  


The first five years of a child’s life are critical to their cognitive, emotional and social development.  This development is shaped by the dynamic interaction between their environment and experiences.  Research in neurobiology, behavioral and social sciences have helped us better understand that physiology, relationships, culture, and environment all have influence on a child.  


Starting with our Stargazer infant group and extending through to our Stellar Program for young adolescents, Kepler Academy is focused on fostering intellectual growth in children. As such, we focus on six core components of intelligence.  Including: Social, Physical, Language, Intellectual, Cognitive an Emotional development.  In addition to these core elements, we also focus on communication, discovery, and the development of fine motors skills.  Children will benefit immensely from a purposeful curriculum that is designed around interaction, discovery, and play. 

Ali Reza