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At Kepler Academy, a well balanced nutrition plan is essential for healthy development in early childhood.


Well-balanced nutrition is essential for healthy development in early childhood. At Kepler Academy, we provide an optimal mix of fresh, in-season fruit and vegetables, grains, meat and dairy servings, as recommended by the Canada Food Guide. Each day, a hearty lunch and two snacks are prepared on-site by our chefs, following recipes formulated by our in-house Registered Dietician, Megan Wallace.

Megan works alongside our curriculum team to develop lesson plans around nutrition and supporting children in building healthy relationships with food. She also offers workshops for parents on family and childhood nutrition. Staying up to date on nutritional best practices is just one way Kepler Academy supports families in our care.

  • Prepared by Chef On-Site
  • Following Kepler’s Proprietary Recipes
  • 6 Week Rotational Menu (Seasonal)
  • Freshly made, and from scratch
  • Accommodating Dietary Sensitivities
  • Appealing for Children


Hi! I’m Megan Wallace, Registered Dietitian of Sprout Nutrition. As a mom of three, I know the value and strength of coming together as a family, especially in the way we come together to share a meal.

My passion and specialty really shines through when I get to work with the whole family, especially the kiddos. Family Nutrition Consulting helps you plan and prepare meals for the whole family that are healthy, enjoyable and stress free. It is our role to help empower our children to have a healthy relationship with food and their bodies by creating a space of patience and positivity.

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