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Navigators (Preschool)

noun | nav-i-ga-tors | approximate age: 3 – 4 years | preschool

Navigators are advancing and exploring their world with a keen sense of direction. They are purposeful and action-oriented, not stopping until they achieve their goals. At Kepler Academy, we believe that preschool children are full of possibilities and potential, with the ability to gain knowledge through many areas of development.

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A Day in the Life of a Navigator

Each day, our preschoolers follow a consistent routine, including snack time, free play, lunch time, bathroom and hygiene, and nap or quiet time. Educators follow our Kepler lesson plans that include group projects, art and science activities, scissor handling, storytelling and reading, name recognition, practicing letters and early writing skills, numbers, dates, shapes and talking about the weather. Educators will encourage friendships and caring for others and explore different ways to express feelings. Children will be introduced to gardening, nature, using technology and more.


Through activities including puzzles, singing songs, reading books, and using a wide variety of manipulative, children will begin to recognize and identify the letters in the alphabet.

Manipulative Skills

Kepler Navigators will explore and develop gross motor skills including throwing, catching, kicking, trapping, dribbling, and bouncing while using different outdoor play equipment including balls, bean bags, and racquets. 


Kepler Navigators will create open-ended art activities with paint, scissors, glue, paper, loose parts, clay, and more.