The name Kepler is synonymous with discovery. From the Kepler Telescope NASA uses to discover distant planets, to the namesake Johannes Kepler, who discovered the laws of planetary motion – “Kepler” means big things. At Kepler Academy Early Learning and Child Care (Kepler Academy), we use the same ambitious approach for childhood education. We want children to reach for the stars, discover new heights and become pioneers. All elements of our process are purposefully designed to provide children with the skills needed for a head start in life. From our enriched curriculum, to the staff that we hire, to the nutritional food we serve, everything has been planned with a dynamic and continuous interaction between biology and experience.


At Kepler Academy, we’ve made a commitment to research and purpose.  From our lesson planning to our meal planning and everything in-between, all aspects of our Academies have been developed using the latest leading research and with a clear purpose in mind.

For our curriculum and lesson planning, we have incorporated the findings, research, and teachings of the Alberta Family Wellness Initiative and the Center on the Developing Child at Harvard University.  With these resources, we’ve developed a curriculum focused on your child’s cognitive, emotional, mental, and physical development through exploration, creativity, and play.

For our nutrition planning, we use the services of Nutrition 101 and nationally recognized dietician, Mr. Rob Lim to develop a balanced, nutritional meal plan for your child’s growing body.

We also utilize the latest tech-enabled toys to introduce children to new aspects of our developing world (from programming, to robotics, to coding) while still focusing on hands-on learning. With our Kepler Academy app (available for download on both the Google Play and Apple App Store) parents can track their child’s progress, communicate with our staff, and much more!