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The Kepler Curriculum

Our Kepler Curriculum is based on children’s interests, thoughts and ideas. We combine emergent activities, hands-on creative play, and a curriculum that provides each child with opportunities to discover new items, ideas, and concepts. We plan inter-curricular activities each month to bring in kinesthetic, fun learning as well. This approach is meant to cater to a variety of early learning styles, as all children are unique. We believe it is our privilege to encourage a child’s natural desire to explore, inspiring them to develop a positive attitude toward lifelong learning.


1. Early Literacy

Language develops very early on and is the basis of all communication. It is essential for forming bonds and trusting relationships. Children learn language to communicate their thoughts, feelings and experiences.

2. Math & Manipulatives

Working with numbers is so much more than just doing math. We teach children to reason, recognize numbers and patterns, and start problem solving early on. Children are naturally curious and can actively connect numerical concepts.

3. Community & Self Discovery

Children love to learn about their history, culture and identity and that of their peers. It is valuable to learn how to relate to themselves, others and the world around them, and appreciate differences in others.

4. Environment & Senses

Children are natural scientists who love to use their 5 senses to explore, investigate and describe the natural and manmade world around them. They quickly learn about familiar landmarks, places, people and where they live.

5. Personal & Social Skills

Engagement with educators and peers supports positive brain development and builds the foundational skills needed for learning, expressing feelings, building character and dealing with stress. Brain science has shown that strong social and emotional skills set children up for resiliency throughout life.

6. Physical Play & Wellness

It is vitally important for growing children to stay physically active in their early years. We plan fun daily indoor and outdoor gross motor activities, as well as inter-curriculars activities like dance/movement, martial arts, yoga, and music to keep kids active, happy and healthy.

7. Creative Play

Creativity is a core part of our curriculum, both hands-on and interpretive. The children use multiple mediums for creative expression, like supplies from nature, loose parts, paper, paint, pencils and brushes. Fine motors skills and creative play are observed daily.

8. The Evolving World

The world is changing rapidly, so we integrate aspects of STEM into each program. We use tech-enabled toys to introduce children to new aspects of our ever-evolving world, from tinkering, to robotics, coding, and scientific inquiry while still focusing on hands-on learning.

Kepler Academy’s curriculum is built upon eight pillars of early learning and development, increasing in emphasis and complexity as children grow through the programs. Within each individual program, all 8 pillars will be explored at different ratios based on child’s natural developmental pace and understanding.

curriculum graphic

This graph represents the different ratios of learning within each age group.