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Pioneers (Kinder-Care)

noun | pi-o-neers | approximate age: 4 – 5 years | pre-kindergarten

Pioneers are intrepid discoverers. By charting new territories and exploring new ideas, they are learning the skills they will need to become the next leaders. At Kepler Academy, pre-kindergarten children follow our specially designed curriculum, inspired by Alberta Education’s program of studies. Pioneers is suitable for children with advanced interests that are younger than five years of age.

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A Day in the Life of a Pioneer

Each day, pre-kinders follow a routine like all other programs, including snack time, outdoor play, lunch, bathroom and hygiene, and quiet time.

Our Pioneer children follow our curriculum, which includes lesson plans, small group art and science projects, reading, literacy and storytelling, writing practice, technology play, leadership, math, and plenty of free play. The Pioneer Curriculum was inspired by Alberta Education’s kindergarten learning areas. They will enhance their social skills of working together and build strong friendships. They explore more complex ideas and topics, like how things work, and participate in gardening, nature, and inter-curricular activities like music, dance and movement and children’s yoga.

Problem Solving

Children are guided through the process of trial and error through puzzles and other tools, where they can identify the problem and imaginatively work out a solution.


Kepler Pioneers will focus on developing their language skills overall throughout activities that focus on reading, writing, speaking, listening, viewing, and representing. 


By providing props, puppets, dress up clothes, and loose parts to create. Pioneers will explore and unleash their inner artist.