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Do you provide food for the child? If yes, is it Halal?
Each day, children are served a morning snack, lunch, and afternoon snack. Everything served offers a balance of healthy, nutritious foods that are made from scratch and prepared on site by a chef. We do provide Halal.

My child does not eat very much, can I bring his food?
Academies are nut-free facilities and food prepared from home cannot be monitored. We ask that families refrain from food from outside of our academies

Can I leave my baby’s stroller at the Academy while he/she is there (Sun Life Place – our downtown location).
Yes- there is space for your child’s stroller in our Sun Life Place location to park stroller.

How many children are there in each room? How many educators are there in each room?
Each classroom has been intentionally designed to accommodate two groups of children and two educatorsto meet the appropriate ratio based on age.

Which days of the year is the Academy closed?
Stat holidays and one professional development day. All closures are indicated in the parent handbook, advanced notice will be provided by the Director for any changes.

Do you offer Summer Programs?
There is Summer Programming specific for Out of School Care.

Do you offer Part Time Care? Do you offer Drop-in Care?
With the demands of families requiring full time care we are unable to accommodate part time care or drop-in care currently.

At what time does the Academy open and close?
Academies open at 6:30am and close at 6:00pm