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Construction & Contracting

Abalon Foundation Repairs

Services Offered: foundation repair and basement waterproofing

Abalon Foundation Repairs, founded in 1970, offers foundation crack repair, basement waterproofing repair, and foundation piling and underpinning for residential and commercial clients. It is owned by Brad Harding, a Kepler College Plaza parent.



Services Offered: urban planning consultants

Ryan Eidick owns Eins, a Planning Consultancy helping private developers and investors navigate through complex municipal approaval process. Ryan is a Kepler College Plaza parent.

KH Renovations

Services Offered: countertops & installation

Naseef Khoury has over 15years of experience in designing, supplying and installing quartz and granite countertops. Naseef is the husband of Mishline, Kepler’s Recreational Coordinator.


Moet Developments

Services Offered: Basement developments & custom renovations

Moet Developments specializes in basement developments and custom renovations. The owner, Cody Whyte is a Kepler Sturgeon parent.

Garnet & Quill Solutions Inc.

Services Offered: Renovations and general contracting

Garnet & Quill Solutions Inc. provides renovations and general contracting services. The owner, Jerran Madill is a Kepler Cavanagh parent.

DLR Metalworks

Services Offered: Metal fabrication business

Dustin is a talented metal fabricator specializing in steel signs, privacy panels, gates, firepits and camping stoves. He is also passionate about interior design and custom steel furniture and décor. Dustin is a Westlink parent.