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Edmonton’s Top Choice Childcare of 2021, 2022 & 2023


A child’s environment and experiences play a crucial role in their health, happiness and future success. Kepler Academy invested heavily in the physical build-out and design of our academies to create welcoming, calming and uplifting spaces for educators, children and families. We’ve furnished our classrooms with purposeful toys and teaching tools that invite exploration and open-ended learning.
Kepler Academy’s nature-inspired outdoor play spaces provide children with endless hands-on play potential in all seasons. Children enjoy time outdoors twice per day, weather permitting, with a variety of physical activities and independent play.

  • Explorative Toys to Discover
  • Beautiful, Functional Furnishings
  • Easy-to-clean surfaces and storage
  • Pergolas, Tree Trunks & Logs
  • Hands-on Learning (Planting, Digging, Stacking, Sensory, Chalk, Paint)
  • Physical Literacy Inside & Outside


Tour with us to see why we are voted Edmonton’s Top Choice Child Care Services for 2021!

We Are All Born Explorers