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During the month of August, our team has been focusing on children’s daily nutrition.

Sarah Remmer, our own in-house dietician, has been working with our educators and chefs to ensure all our Kepler Kids are properly nourished and hydrated, especially on very hot days. She and the Kepler Team have been teaching kids about hydrating foods — especially fruits and vegetables. Each week, they’ve learned about a different fruit or vegetable, why it’s good for them, and try tasting and exploring it.

As Sarah has taught us, kids don’t often recognize thirst, especially if they are busy having fun. Proper fluid intake is essential for digestion, joints, body tissues and organs, and to control body temperature.

How Much Fluid Do Kids Need?

Children should be getting anywhere between 3.5 to 7 cubes of fluid per day, depending on their age, gender and activity level.

1 to 3 years | 3.5 cups per day

4 to 8 years | 5 cups per day

9 to 13 years | 6.5 to 7 cups per day

Top Hydrating Foods for Kids

  1. Watermelon Slices
  2. Strawberries
  3. Yogurt or Milk
  4. Grapes (cut lengthwise)
  5. Fruit Smoothies

What hydrating foods do you like to eat at home with your children? Share your ideas with us on social media and tag @kepleracademy.

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